User Experience in CONNECARE: Results and Lessons Learnt in Lleida

Eloisa Vargiu, Adrián Dorado, Mireia Massip, Meritxell Gómez-Martínez, Gerard Torres, Jordi de Batlle, Felip Miralles


In this paper, we focus on the implementation studies performed in the Lleida region under the umbrella of the H2020 EU project CONNECARE. In particular, we refer the overall experience of the users (patients and carers) of the SMS, a self-management system that allows monitoring patients and provides engagement, rewards, and warnings. It monitors: physical activity, health status, self-reported questionnaires, rehabilitation tasks, sleeping pattern, and drugs intake.  First, we present the underlying context regarding the implementation studies performed in Lleida. Subsequently, we focus on the strategies of UX (User Experience) that have been performed in two different moments of the project and with different actors. Results are then presented for each of the approaches. A discussion focused on the lessons learnt ends the paper.

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